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Abdul. 20. Male. Virginia. US of A. I like rap, long boarding, soccer, fashion, girls and weed. My blog consists of my interests and incredibly dope shit. Follow my blog if you can dig it.

Highlight of my morning. UA is coming to Springfield! I’m too excited.


Realist thing on here

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Cop Arrests Black Guy For No Reason THIS IS WRONG 

Watch and listen carefully as this Jefferson parish officer over steps his boundaries..it’s a shame that police can pick and choose who they serve an protect..

Cop Abusing His Authority?: New Orleans Police Officer Over Steps His Boundaries As He Walks Into Mans House & Arrests Him For No Reason

Video Recorded By Eric Banegas (Facebook)
Uploaded so people can share and get this video out 

Cop Arrests Black Guy For No Reason And No Explanation 
Must watch

This is illegal as shit not only did he not give him a reason for arrest but he did not show a warrant, and he didn’t even read him his Miranda rights. 

The guy with the camera was pissing me off. When there’s a confrontation like that you don’t keep leaving the action to walk around looking for a phone.

If the cop would have shot that guy or used excessive force you have to get everything on film. That’s more important than your need to call somebody (who really couldn’t have helped the situation in any way). 

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