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Abdul. 20. Male. Virginia. US of A. I like rap, long boarding, soccer, fashion, girls and weed. My blog consists of my interests and incredibly dope shit. Follow my blog if you can dig it.


Backseat, babes, blunts, nothing better.


only lighter I could find 😂👌

You’re so pretty

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Sexy Librarian Vibes..


Sometimes I feel like I have the best view😉💋

to the personal trainers out there

hey guys, this is a question for the personal trainers out there or anyone has had had or knows someone who has experienced this…

I have this weird feeling on my left side, it is my non dominant side, i know, but its consistently lagging behind the strength and growth of my right side. If you look at my most recent post that has a picture of my back, you can see that my left side isn’t as developed as my right. I try to target both sides/ even more of my left side in workouts but nothing… It continues to lag. I don’t know if i need to get an xray or something but its quit annoying. When i say left side i mean, my back, shoulder, obliques, triceps, biceps, forearm. I might be expecting too much out of my nondominant but if you can give some suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading this.



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Hey whats up Tumblr?

As many of you know September is a new month and why not start off excellent. I am starting to do body weight workouts at home since I am on probation with a restricted license and can’t go to the gym much. Ive always been interested in calisthenics but never actually put any effort into getting started. I have done (tried) insanity before and didn’t like it because of how much of the legs were being worked out daily. It wasn’t my style so I decided that I should just make my own insanity type shenanigans. I plan on doing/ making these workouts every other day until the end of September just to see how it goes. I might retry some WODs and/or do variations of them. Ill upload photos every Monday with my current weight and starting weight (160lbs). These posts are mainly for myself, I feel that if I post these things to the public I will be more inclined to stick with my goal and fight on. 

My goal is to get into MMA fighter type shape: lean, quick, strong. And after my probation is up (end of February) I plan on signing up at an MMA gym use my body for some fun. My inspirations are Bruce Lee, Tom Hardy’s character in Warrior, and all the Ultimate Fighters in the world. I’m currently 5’7 weighing in at ~160lbs. I have a background in soccer and am a natural (not trynna be cocky) at every sport. I love a challenge and I hope this works. Also, if there is anyone reading this out of interest or whatever, feel free to contact me with recommendations, new workouts, tips if you have any, or advice if i can help you.

So my WOD today was the first one I’ve ever created and if you can see I underestimated the shit out of the workouts or my inability to do body weight circuits and had to cut the rounds down to 2 instead of 3. 

I did 5 minutes of Jump Rope for warm up and finished my workout off with another 5 minutes of Jump Rope.

I did 2 rounds for time of:

15 Burpees

20 Dragon Walks (10 each side)

7 Wide grip pullups

10 Hindu pushups

10sec neck bridges

15 attempted handstands

10 superman pushups 

5 L pullups

20 windshield wipers

10 Diamond pushups

First Round Time: 12:04 

Second Round Time: 19:25

Feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes. Again Im just a beginner but I plan on getting pretty good at these types of workouts.

Thanks for reading.


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Nigeria’s Hyena Men by photographer Pieter Hugo 

thats dope

this is raw as fuckk

real thugs



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Never forget Marcelo’s struggle, and the moment when Ronaldo was completely done with his shit.

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pakistan, ferguson, and palestine 

3 places thousands of miles way from each other each with citizens being murdered or severely injured for gathering PEACEFULLY in order to gain basic human rights.

this is happening simultaneously and yall still fuckin sleep???

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Our African Wedding

My wife and I just had our African wedding celebration with her side of the family. It was off the charts.



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Do not forget


Do not forget Gaza.

Do not forget how the media dehumanized the lives of 2,145 people who were slaughtered and the 11,000 who have been irreversibly injured.

Do not forget how the media has tried to justify their slaughter and injuries.

Do not forget that 89 families in…

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Badass Level: Tattoo-faced Maori Businessman -via

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